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  • Bella
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    Title: Pretty Little Liars: Playing the A-Game
    Author: Bella Perez
    Genre: Suspense and Romance
    Idea: Can you create a cover like the cover you made for Mirlotta's Amour? But instead can you use a picture of the liars from Pretty Little Liars?
    Thank you!
    Lily Anna's Cover Store [OPEN]
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    Welcome to Lily Anna's Cover Store! :) If you would like a cover please read the info page first and fill in the details I will need. Please follow the rules and be polite. :) I believe in quality and...
    Lily Anna
    3 years ago
    Your cover is done @[Bella] :)
    3 years ago
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    I have been home sick from school as well. Thank you! It looks wonderful... definitely going to use it! :)
    Lily Anna
    3 years ago
    Oh dear. :( You're welcome! :) Thank you. :)
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