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I love One Direction so a lot of my movellas will probably be about them! Hope you enjoy!

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    Updating soon sorry guys!!!!
    A Dream Come True
    A Dream Come True
    This story is about a girl and her best friend, they get to meet their biggest idols: One Direction. It's a dream come true! But before Kala (One of the main characters) gets a chance to enjoy life, something...
  • OneD_narry tomlikayne
    OMG!! Please update!! I love it
    I Can't Love You
    I Can't Love You
    Harry had a bet, he had to date the class loser, Megan, in highschool. He dumps her when the bet was over. Over the summer, she changes her look and uploads videos on YouTube. Megan pursues her dream of...
  • OneD_narry tomlikayne
    This is soooo good!! But she should stay with Niall!! Update please!! U really want to read more!!
    It's All Different Now
    It's All Different...
    🌸Charlie is an, fresh out of school, shy girl who works at a stage in Austin, Texas. Her life is very complicated until she meets him, the one who changes her forever.🌸✨Hope You Like It! ✨🌟Favorite...
  • OneD_narry tomlikayne
    It needs more detail... But it is really good so far!!
    Loving you.
    Loving you.
    This is a cute little story about Harry and his girlfriend (aka you!!). You two just got done watching a movie and he's being cute with you, doing couple things:) please read, i think you'll like it!
  • OneD_narry tomlikayne
    How come Harry is so mean?
    Dark- a Harry fanfic
    Dark- a Harry fanf...
    ***I DID NOT WRITE THIS*** Credit to Han-rawr on tumblr. this is one of the best fanfics out there. I am providing this story for those who haven't read it yet. I promise you won't be disappointed. WARNING:...
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