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well hello there! welcome to One_Direction_ing_25's page. lol yeah a really long name. Haha. any who..wait who says any who any more..i guess i do! my real name is Haley. the picture i have on here is of me when i was really little. around 4,5,or 6. not to sure. umm i love to read and write fan fiction about one direction. i have strated my own story on instagram you can find it at 1D_one_direction_1225. yes its another long name. alos that story has over 50 parts! also i tried to write a story on Wattpad. i am not sure if its on there or not but you could try and find it. Its called Hello trouble. love. and romance. my user name on there is inga25. i love music and art. some people think i can sing better then taylor swifft but i highly think that is ture. i also play piano. my love of my life is food and that will always be true. i am sinlge because i am to good foe some of the guys i know. plus no one likes me like that any way. bu bye for now. XOXO One_Direction_inga_25

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    Hi there! I love one direction! just saying! i love to write and read about fan fiction. I think its cool to see them in different stroys like that. i love food. i am not pretty. or beautiful. i llove to talk and sing. i play piano. and i guess if i write something on here you should tots read it. did i just say tots? i think i just did. Oh god i need to end that right now haha. bu bye for now!
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