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I really like bands!

  • Olivia Skeggs
    gale was whipped because he tackled the peacekeeper that was going to hit the old lady
    Catching Fire Quiz
    Catching Fire Quiz
    Are you the Hunger Games expert? Take this quiz! This is based on the second book in the trilogy!!! Please check out the first quiz!
    Kennedy Shadownight
    That was only in the movie, in the book he took a dead turkey to a peacekeeper's house and got caught by a different peacekeeper that wanted to whip him. :)
  • Olivia Skeggs
    Name: Olivia
    Age: 18
    Boy: Liam
    Romantic rooftop date
    Appearance: hair-Minge frindge, burgundy, shoulder lenght, curly. Chocolate brown eyes with long lashes. 5 "25" feet. quite curvy. have a have an 8 cm scar inbetween boobs from major heart surgery
    One Direction Imagines and preferences
    One Direction Imag...
    Leave your Name: Age: What you want to happen: Boy: Your apperenace (eyes, hair etc):
  • Olivia Skeggs
    The Chemistry Teacher. -A Harry Styles fanfiction-
    The Chemistry Teac...
    "I see the way all girls look at me. I'm not blind you know? And i also know what they talk about. I try to ignore them though." Mr. Styles says moving away a strand of hair from my face. My breathing...
  • Olivia Skeggs
    update plz
    Bestfriends vs. Crushes
    Bestfriends vs....
    Isabella and Skylar live in the flat next to Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles, so naturally they get to know the boys from the popular boy band One Direction. The girls have a hard time figuring out their...
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