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  • Olive Demitri

    do you like the hunger games or divergent?

    Personally my two favourite trilogies are the hunger games and divergent. I have used the same style of writing for my new story, World War 4.
    Its about a girl whose only posession is a number. she has lived all her life in a underground trianing camp. her life was all planned out until leo a tall handsome rebel joins as a recruit, he gives her a name and a whole new identity and she finds herself fighting with him in a war she didnt even know excisted!
    it would mean the world if you checked it out, im not sure how to link it but its the only movella i know called World War 4. i also promise to follow back and i would love to read some of your stories.
    thanks so much
    Olive x
    Olive Demitri
    3 years ago
    ive worked out how to do it, heres the link to World War 4...
    World War 4Lockdown was made compulsory during the third world war. Now everyone lives underground undergoing training preparing them to fight. 1124 was just a normal...
  • Olive Demitri

    How to say hello

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    Hello. My name is Olive and I'm 14, I've always loved writing as it's a way i can express myself and be creative. i have recently uploaded a bookname world war 4. its written in the same style as divergent and the hunger games so if you enjoy either of those series i urge you to give my book a chance, please follow me and ill follow straight back it would be nice to make some friends here :) Olive x
    Eve Smallman
    3 years ago
    Hi :) sounds like you've found the right website! Shall have a read :)
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