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Um, Hullo. I'm OhLookItsCourt, aka Dan to @AnazingPhanIsNotOnFire who is mah Phil. I like 1D, Adventure Time, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Danisnotonfire, Amazing Phil, Sprinkle of Glitter, Shane Dawson, Tyler Oakley, JacksGap, and too many moar to list. My BFFs of all of time and space include:
Tay, aka Phil
And I hate mean preps.

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  • OhLookItsCourt

    mumbled "People…"

    Person: Hey! How's it going!
    Me usually: witch what do you want let me get back to my book I'm pretty sure that guy just died, haha.
    Me sometimes: are you joking or do you really wanna know, cuz you look like the LAST person to want to know.
    Me with my friends: well I'm sorta in an existential crisis / eh. Could be better. / OMGOMGOMG FANGIRLING OMG I HAVE TO TELL YOU WHAT HAPPENED

    Me: good.
  • OhLookItsCourt
    I'm really loving this story at the moment!
    Being Dan Howells Sister
    Being Dan Howells...
    Hi I'am Raven, Dan Howells(Danisnotonfire) Younger Sister. You May No Him And Phil Lester (AmazingPhil) From You Tube. I Am 19yrs old and its summer. Im staying with dan and phil for the whole 6weeks holiday......
  • OhLookItsCourt

    mumbled "AHHHHHH"

    The amount of feels I have at the moments are just asdfjkl ing and I can't, I just can't even I have lost all ability to even, because Dourtney Howilliams is my all time OTP.
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