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-Nash taught me to ignore the haters because I can do anything
-Cameron taught me that I am worth it, and i can get through anything
-Matt taught me how to love myself
-Shawn taught me to sing my heart out
-Taylor taught me not to take myself too seriosuly
-Aaron taught me how to smile
-Carter taught me how to laugh
-Jack and Jack taught me how important friendship was
No one can make us fall in love like Cam.
No one can make us feel important lilke Matt.
No one can make u go crazy like Taylor.
No one can make us laugh like Nash.
No one can make us smile like Aaron.
No one can make us want to sing like Shawn.
No one can make us blush like Carter.
No one can make us happy like Jack and Jack.
Aaron Braden Carpenter- 10/05/98
Jack Edward Johnson- 3/24/96
Taylor Michael Caniff- 2/3/96
Hayes Benjamin Grier- 6/8/00
Jack Finnegan Glinsky- 9/10/96
Mahogany Cheyenne Gordy- 10/4/94
Cameron Alexander Dallas- 9/8/94
Hamilton Nash Grier- 12/28/97
Shawn Peter Raul Mendes- 8/8/98
Carter McCoy Reynolds- 5/24/96
Jacob Michael Whiteshides- 11/11/97
Matthew Lee Espinosa- 7/17/97

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