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    omg updateeee !
    Best Friends or More?
    Best Friends or...
    Nicky and Ryder were the best of friend since they were 5 it all change sophomore year when Ryder and Nicky grew into their looks and decided to loose their virginity to each other. Soon they become friends...
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    okay well i doubt anyone will read this , but hi my names megan & i dont really know how this works (x i talk a lot so i just clicked on mumble & started typing.. so i assume we all love Justin Bieber ? <3 lmao thats good w have something to talk about now (: aha well im probably gonna delete this so.. but yah im really looking forward to reading all your movellas ! i have the app on my phone so i just got on my computer & yah this happened (x.. so yah ok byee <3
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