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I'm currently an 18-year-old debut self-published author and 2013 HSC student. Make sure to check out my book 'Glass Bones' on Smashwords for $3.99USD. Aside from that, my accomplishments are far greater than I originally anticipated I'd ever reach. I have had two short stories published, one of which meant I was included in Write4Fun Australia's top 15% of honoured writers. Furthermore, I was a shortlisted runner-up in a national short-story writing competition in order to meet Rebecca Lim. Though I didn't succeed in winning first place, to succeed that far above other young writers who are undoubtedly talented, I find that it is a great achievement to be proud of. Furthermore, my followers list on twitter includes such famous names as Penguin Books Australia, Penguin Books UK, Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard, plus more! I was one of six Australians chosen for a writer's scholarship with best-selling author Ben Kane at Taroona, Tasmania but due to the site facillitator's ill health, the event was cancelled. My blogs are rissabookreviews.blogspot.com and rissabooks.blogspot.com, and my twitter @MissaBooks. My newest pursuit is aiming at releasing my newest novel, 'Ice' preferably approximately during March-April in the Autumn of Australia, and will be available from Smashwords for free. In addition, I am studying two writing courses developed by the Australian College of Journalism.
Someday I would love to be published by a big-name publisher, but at the moment I am trying to get my name and works out there.

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