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    mumbled "our rendezvous"

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    I am captured and enraptured
    By your facial exposure
    The visual foundation culture
    Now spread offshore
    Amidst well cultivated contour

    Now in all splendour
    I Cherish your endeavour
    This one off pleasure
    I want to live to savour

    Let the rhythm stop!
    Let’s get down to this business
    When it is all over, the feeling hangs
    Like the ceiling fan
    Oscillating beautiful winds
    In the anvil of memory

    Though the smell revives desire
    I like it to continue forever
    Are we still in rhythmic alliance?
    I thought it had stopped when we stopped ‘it’
    Again the surge continues

    From the glands
    Where adrenaline resides
    Through and through
    It flows to our brains and back
    Through vessels and channels it travels
    Tissues expands at its soothing thrust

    I perceive that scent
    The scent of innocent fluids
    DOWN there and the softness UP there
    I can tell one thing for sure
    You are not prepared to exit tonight
    The ambers silhouette is aglow
    Awaiting more thatch to insure life
    And glow, not to whimper
    As you struggle to say my name
    Not because you are illiterate
    But pleasure would not allow
    And so you go....

    I am at a fix
    Just say my name...
    The groans would not allow
    Not in pains but in ecstasy
    Are we still here?
    I am sure you are in the mood
    Because this never happened...!
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