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    mumbled "25 Strange Questions (Tagged Yonks Ago)"

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    1. Yeah... NO!!!
    2, ummm... 3?
    4. Bobble
    6. "This is going to be a LONG day"
    7. Denim over a red t-shirt
    8. Musician
    9. DARK ROOM (#bring out the inner goth)
    10. SLEEPnnnnzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    11. I loved being two. No school, no embarrassing parents (at least- I was too young to be embarrassed by them, or my parents were abducted by aliens as soon as I hit twelve and turned into torture machines built to ruin my social life- okay that's a slight exaggeration- love you mum and dad).
    12. My sister.
    13. My sister.
    14. It changes, like every minute, but they're mostly of guitars and Star Wars.
    15. Yep...
    16. Run by Bring Me The Horizon
    17. Like... anyone???? Some terrorist person who ruins people's lives.
    18. As above.
    19. A spa person. 24 hrs of massages.
    20. My eyes- they are sort of a blend of greeny-grey and light brown. Totally cool *COUGH*.
    21. I would look really strange... I dunno what I'd do... The same stuff as I do now, I guess. Who said anything about being a girl making my life different?
    22. Ummm... I can do the Vulcan Salute thingy...
    23. White light.
    24. Egg and Cress all the way!
    25. I'd use it to save up for a really expensive guitar (as in, several hundred pounds- a hundred quid isn't a lot for a good acoustic or electric guitar :-) #guitargeek).
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