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Hey, so you may know me as NYCchic, yeah I forgot my password to that account... So here I am! I'll upload all my stories back on here sorry for that again! :) Oh, and in the picture I'm the one with the darker hair smiling like a wierdo! The person next to me is my bff Maddy! :) hey go follow me on twitter!! @ErinSkelly3 thanks

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    Ok, so I have to get this out there. This is really big and important. Not lieing. If you ever feel like you don't belong in this world please please talk to somebody about it! I will listen i promise, it's just recentally i found out about my friend gettign bullied to the point where she has started to hurt herself and it just never crossed my mind that she would do that. So please if you ever feel like you need someone to talk to about anything, no matter how stupid it is, from fangirling about things to talking about serious stuff you can count on me. I know you probably hear this from everybody but im being serious if you ever want to talk about anything im here, just send me a message or comment somewhere and i can give you my number so u can text me or something. Thanks for listening to whoever read this <3 ! :)
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