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    Awww... the first chapter alone makes me want to cry!
    Poor Emma!
    I hope she ends up okay!
    This is written really well and I love the diary style of writing you decided to use. I think it suits the story well! :)
    Well, this definitely gets a like from me!
    Hope you update soon! :) x
    Dear mum
    Dear mum
    This is a diary which a girl called Emma writes after lossing her mum and dad she's taken to a Carehome as she has nobody else. Normally her life is boring but that's all about to change .... Follow...
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    Wow! You certainly have a talent for writing!
    Maybe this could end up being better than the original twilight series itself?
    Quoting you: "...if you don't try; you will never find out what's going to happen next." :)
    Good luck with the competition- this definitely gets a like from me! :) x
    The Night Before
    The Night Before
    *Twilight Competition* What if Bella wasn't what she seemed? What if she wasn't feeble, fragile and... normal? All will be revealed the night before... Copyright (C)
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    5 years ago
    thank you so much.
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    I think a wise move would be to simply add a 1D category with a notice that if within 'so many weeks' your 1D fanfic has not been categorised under that, then other users can nominate your movella to be put under the 1D category. After review, it can either stay where it is if it's not actually a 1D fanfic or be moved if it is.
    Plus, this can open up a job for one of the trusty teens to do. Or maybe a few of us working together. I actually stopped visiting movellas for a while and when I came back (today actually) I was greeted with an ocean of 1D 'fanfish'. I don't mind 1D but this ocean is actually getting a bit cramped and I agree with some of the others- most of the other 'fish' are dying out.
    What if movellas became wholly a 1D fanfic site? I would think, it may just lose some of its best writers (not that 1D fanfic writers can't be the best. Notice I did say 'some of').
    In fact, as I read some of the previous comments, someone actually stated they were leaving. And to another site. What does that tell us?
    Pollution seems to exist in places other than the real world. If only, the 1D categrory thing did exist- a lot of users other than myself have suggested it also.
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    I know the feeling, I was offline for a while too, and BAM! one Direction have taken over the world. I agree with your idea.... Its a good one.
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    This has such a strong start, it's amazing! You instantly want to get to know the characters better- it was so good that it made me want to comment now and then read the rest! :) I just had to let you know how captivating this is!!!!!
    Oh, sorry to have to ask, but you wouldn't mind taking a look at my movella, If Words Were Enough, would you? I'd love to have your opinion on it!!!
    Oh, and you get a like from me! :) :) :)
    Just somebody that I used to know
    Just somebody that...
    Today was different I rushed home in hope to finnaly take away the pain.. Take away my life . I ran into someone and then instantly went to pick up my books and go home he then bent down and smiled at...
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    This is really interesting! You have managed to introduce one of the characters really well into this story very early on, which I am guessing is the 'baddie'? Can't wait to find out more about Eoz!
    Do you mind taking a look at my movella, If Words Were Enough, ?
    Oh, and you get a like for me! :)
    More Than A Midnight Stroll
    More Than A Midnig...
    (Entry for competition, please like and fav) Eoz is an agent for an undercover business. But this time her case is just a little more deadly.
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