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Oh hello world, didn't see ya there. Just kidding, the world is huge, is it that hard to miss? Well then, onwards with this. I am a person. A person on earth. Just in case your an alien from another dimension, earth is a world in the milky way galaxy. Aliens, stay away. We rather not get invaded, that means you invader zim!! So, I like writing things. Stuff. Stuff like fanfiction. Fanfiction like SU and Svtfoe. And many more! I also have a deviant art account if you would like to check it out :3 my name is silver2525 on there. So yah. I might not have good drawings on there cause I hate to post on there so I try not to. In my opinion though, I'm a good drawer and I actually plan on making my own cartoon!

So.... that's me. Hope ya like meh stories.


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