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    They say we over exaggerate teenage life on TV. But guess what they under exaggerate. There is drama here and there. There is evil bitches that just wont stop. Sometimes you have to wonder what is teenage reality. It changes you and makes you wonder what you really are. i guess it helps you find yourself. it also makes you question life and norm and everything. you want to know whats whats and why. is this what we are really born to do to question everything? No one that i know know whats the answer or what the question. there are some questions that aren't any answer for there are some questions that shouldn't be asked. I ask my self sometimes who am i? what am i? i look for answers in so many places and they all come up with one answer "only you knows the answer to that question". and i look at them having a strange feeling of slapping them across the face repeatedly telling them "if i knew the answer why would i ask the question"Lately i have being feeling this strange feeling that is not me. it is making me into this person i don't want to be. i want to make someone cry, someone pay for what i am feeling. that feeling is jealously. i never thought this would be happening. feeling jealous of a friend. i just feel like slapping her or locking her away. She doesn't realise what shes got she doesn't realise how she got it good. I just wanna tell her "shut the Fuck up! i wish i had your life. your beauty your innocent and your everything" just being you makes everyone an addict to you. I pretend in front of people i wear a mask to be noticed. i know i can be a bitch. but its easier to be a bitch than get hurt right? they say its insecurity i say its life every teenager must feel like this some way of the other. we all feel worth less we all feel out of place. where does the truth lie. where is the world where everyone is equal. i isn't want to be a princess for once. not the witch or the ugly step sister. "when will the true me show"
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