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  • NoJimmyProtested0320
    . Please keep going. I love how u us so much detail. I'm like speechless. It was good. Like really good. Keep going!!!!!!
    open heart and open guitar case
    open heart and ope...
    Terry was a nobody before she became Louis Tomlinson's girl friend but when she is offered to tour with them and do a duet predicted to be a hit single things can only get better.... or worse
  • NoJimmyProtested0320
    Keep going!!! Please!!!!
    A broken hearted girl
    A broken hearted...
    It's a story about a girl, who is on her first vacation ever, with her boyfriend and his mom. All of the sudden her boyfriend and her gets in to a huge argument, and she gets kicked out of the hotel room,...
    6 years ago
    This story unfortunately has to end at some point :-( But I'm writing a new story soon, I hope you'll read that :-)
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