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I was born as a bookworm and I'm still a bookworm. I decided, at the age of four or else five, that I would be an author.
I'm a sixth form student, a published poet, a book collector and a bookworm. I have got my poetry published five times so far.
Most of my works revolve around teenage crushes and love. Mostly because I am a hopeless romantic at heart!

  • RomanticAtHeart

    Editor and Critique needed ASAP!

    I'm writing a story called The Scars on My Wrists. As I have exams going on for several months, I'm only finding time to write it. I need someone to critique it and tell me how to improve on it and bits I need editing etc.
    This is going on for a very exciting thing hopefully and it needs to be in on the next two weeks. Dedications will be made to you at the end of the book
  • RomanticAtHeart
    @[--Thisyoungauthor--] Hey! Remember you did some amazing quick editing for me before? I kinda need your help again. Fancy helping? If you do, please get in touch on here. Thanks! Post on my wall as it's easier that way. Thanks again!
    RomanticAtHeart xx
    The Others
    The Others
    'There is no such thing as Gay. There is no such thing as Lesbians. There is no such thing as loving someone other than your Other. And if you love something else rather than your Other? The Watchers...
  • RomanticAtHeart

    mumbled "Cover Needed Urgently!"

    Hi guys. I need a cover for Fall For a Shooting Star which is a sequel to my story Drops of Jupiter. I would like a cover similar to the cover I have for Drops of Jupiter. You will be credited for making the cover.
    I need this ASAP! Thanks!
    2 years ago
    hey I've made one for you, if you'd like?
    2 years ago
    Yeah please!
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