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    I really loved your story mind as a slave it's sad our people went through that and others make it not a big deal and whites our stealing our culture I just hope our. generation wakes up!!
  • niyahchudhid
    11 graders ARE NOT SENIORS #Lowkey you need to do ur math because 8th grade u are still in middle school and plus 3 is 11 which is juniors
    Best Friend? Or Boyfriend?
    Best Friend? Or...
    Nick, Tia's best friend has been falling for her. And she doesn't know it, they'd been friends for 12 years and through thick and thin. They've managed to stick together
    9 months ago
    lol wow I mean yea that bugged me to but is that really what your going to complain about cause there are so many grammar mistakes and wording's wrong in this that its obvious that English is not their first language so bug off mate at least they are trying
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