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"Imagine a world where people didn't treat others like shit. That's the kind of world I want to live in." - Josh Franceschi.

Hey lovelies, I’m Nisha. I've got a crazy obsession with band guys, especially those five angels that go by the name of One Direction. I procrastinate way too much and spend my time editing photos of myself and 1D. (Especially Narry :D).

Just kidding. I love to write, it’s my save haven along with music, I’m the type that will blast my music so loud, that your house will be ripped of its foundations. I'm one of those extremely dirty-minded fifteen year olds out there, but I seem like the innocent one out of all. (Keep them guess I say ;)

I'm from London, as my friend Harriet says,our accents; they're really not that amazing! But I'll gladly swap with anyone that lives in the States.

Interracial love is pure love <3

I'm gonna see the boys on 5th April 2013!

Stay Beautiful!

Ps. If Narry's ever MIA, I've kidnapped them.

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