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    mumbled "The chapter will be up today :P"

    For anybody who cares...my computer stopped working and I was not able to complete the chapter for my book. It should be up before tomorrow. Thankies
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    mumbled "Im losing so many fans"

    I lost so many fans. Even my most valuable one and I dont even know why . Not a good week on Movellas at all *Sigh*
    4 years ago
    Don't worry,I've lost 16 fans before. I earned it back. But those other ones are just missing out. :)
    ~ Ninja author ~
    4 years ago
    Thanks <3
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    mumbled "Hannah Smith"

    I always though Ask.Fm was stupid. Never joined it and Im glad I never will. Pretty much everyone bullies each other trough there anonymously. A girl by the name Hannah Smith was a victim of this cyber bullying and because of all the pressure commited suicide. I feel so bad when people are that depressed. If you ever need someone to talk to Im there. SO Rest In paradise Hannah We may of lost a amazing girl but heaven gained a angle ♥
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    mumbled "R.I.P"

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    I forgot to say this yesterday... R.I.P Talia joy castellano who died yesterday at exactly 11:22am. You will be remembered by millions for your courageous bubbly attitude and the way you made thousands of girls smile. You made people feel beautiful even me. We lost a amazing girl but god won and angel ♥
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