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Hi :) I have a really bad habit of adding a smiley face at the end of all my sentences *inserts smiley just to prove point* :) And I'm also really critical; I've probably deleted more movellas than I've got published. So if you can't find a movella that I've written, sorry about that.
I've started writing pretty much since I first learned how to do it. Even before then, I loved coming up with crazy imaginary games, and awesome fantasy lands (including a candy world, ruled by evil chocolate bars which later became my first ever story). But now that I'm older, I prefer writing more realistic stories. ...Anyway, if you need any help or want me to read a movella just ask! :)
Awards: Gold - Different Sides of a Dispute competition, second best Critique Giver - Paper Awards 2014, a winner in the Second Poetry Competition and a runner up - Girl Heart Boy competition.

Out of my movellas I recommend reading:
-->The New Me
--> The Piano

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  • Nina ❀‿❀

    I WILL finish my movellas at some point...

    I've decided that SOMEHOW I'm going to have to finish The New Me and Wolf by the end of the year.

    I just seem to set myself ridiculous writing targets which I never meet and I just end up starting new stories and I just dunno anymore. I shouldn't even be writing on here anyway when my exams are in like 5 weeks. But somehow ranting on here seems like a better idea atm.
    (...srsly, why am I so lazy? )
    Snowy Writer
    The New Me is amazing ive been waiting for an update for so long
    Nina ❀‿❀
    @[Megites Nightshade] I know, it's just so much more difficult trying to get stuff done when there are better things to do. :)

    @[Snowy Writer] Thanks! I'm just starting the next chapter. Hopefully I'll start updating a bit more frequently in the summer holidays. :)

    one: the new me is AMAZING!!!!
    two: i so know that feeling
    Nina ❀‿❀
  • Nina ❀‿❀


    I actually can't believe I've (sort of) stuck to my revision timetable this week - probably because it's finally dawned on me that my exams are actually pretty soon and I seriously need to get some revision done. :/
    Apparently it just gets worse once you're doing your A levels so I have no clue how I'm going to cope next year...
    Are any of you revising (or supposed to be revising) this holiday for your exams?
    Snowy Writer
    I find maths quite easy and to be honest I've given up on all of my revision because it's realllllyyyyy eassy
    Shadow Scribble
    I find everything easy except maths. My teacher goes through things too quickly. I wish I found it easy.
    Nina ❀‿❀
    I used to struggle with maths as well, but not anymore now I have a different teacher. It's annoying when you have really bad teachers :/
    Snowy Writer
    yep i have a really bad and boring teacher for science
  • Nina ❀‿❀

    Dunno if it's a very good name for a fantasy land...?

    I just started another movella for the fantasy comp and I couldn't really come up with a name for the fantasy land. So I just translated 'colours' in loads of languages (because colours is related) and I thought Dathanna ('colours' in Irish) sounded the best.
    I dunno though.
    What do you think? :/
    Nina ❀‿❀
    @[Aunt Midnight Rogue ☕️] Thanks, you too!
    @[SnowyWriting] Thanks, oh I never realized that. Clever! :)
    Yeah I'm Irish and also doing it for GCSE
    Good luck in the comp:)
    Nina ❀‿❀
    Cool :) thanks.
  • Nina ❀‿❀

    I keep starting new stories...

    I'm so bad at just focusing on one story at a time! At the moment, I'm currently writing four movellas and I've just started writing another one. -_-

    Does anyone else have this? :P
    Snowy Writer
    try a plan but you can go off it
    Snowy Writer
    have you ever seen jk rowlings plan. I think ill mumble it!
    Nina ❀‿❀
    No, I'd love to see it :)
    Snowy Writer
    i mumbled it
  • Nina ❀‿❀

    I need some honest opinions...

    I just rewrote the blurb for my movella The New Me and I don't know if it's very good... Please can you give me a 100% honest opinion on it and whether it made you want to read on or not :)

    "After a bad experience at her old school, Hayden Flack moves to Bradley Stoke, determined to change everything about herself.
    She knows how act, what to wear and from past experience, what to expect.
    But on her very first day, seeing a long-lost childhood friend was something she definitely didn't see coming. Hayden quickly recognises Ellis but he can't even remember her... or does he? Why is Ellis acting so strangely, and why is he so different from what he used to be?
    After a few months at her new school, Hayden seems to have settled in quite well, and is living what appears to be a stereotypical popular girl's life. But not everything is going as 'well' as she thinks it is. Her 'friends' are acting weirdly suspicious, and when her long-lost brother suddenly comes in contact with her, she can't help but feel like there is something going on that she doesn't know about. How long will it take before she realizes what is going on beneath the surface?"
    Nina ❀‿❀
    Aw thankyou :3
    This is really good. It's actually quite mysterious and enticing because you want to find out what happened at her old school and how badly it'll affect her new life. the only thing I see that you need to change is after 'Stoke' there doesn't need to be a comma after it and after 'strangely' you should either take out the and or the comma :)
    Other than that I look forward to checking this out (ᵔᴥᵔ)
    Wow this is actually really good! Usually im more into fantasy or adventure/ romance books :33 but this pulls me in and makes me want to know more! Good job on it you did really well!
    Nina ❀‿❀
    Thanks so much, and thankyou @[Bookworm皿] for spotting that :)
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