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Hi :) I have a really bad habit of adding a smiley face at the end of all my sentences *inserts smiley just to prove point* :) And I'm also really critical; I've probably deleted more movellas than I've got published. So if you can't find a movella that I've written, sorry about that.
I've started writing pretty much since I first learned how to do it. Even before then, I loved coming up with crazy imaginary games, and awesome fantasy lands (including a candy world, ruled by evil chocolate bars which later became my first ever story). But now that I'm older, I prefer writing more realistic stories. ...Anyway, if you need any help or want me to read a movella just ask! :)
Awards: Gold in the Different Sides of a Dispute competition and the Who Framed Klaris Cliff competition, and voted second best Critique Giver - Paper Awards 2014

Out of my movellas I recommend reading:
-->The New Me
--> The Piano

Twitter: @Ninaaknowles
Wattpad: Nina1277

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  • SnowyWriter.

    mumbled "It is my one year anniversary!"

    I'm going to do it differently. Everyone gives something to me today. XD Joke.

    Thankyou my 130 SnowyOwls for putting up with my endless rambling and rants. I have never stayed on a sight so long/ To go on movellas daily and check my notifications (not that I ever have any) has become a habit, I've made lots of new friends, come and gone, and I've learnt so many new things! I can proudly say I talk to people from Nebraska to India to Australia. Learning, firsthand, about everyone's cultures have been a pleasure! The writing on here is always my hobby to read. You guys inspired me to write more than I have ever done in my life. and you all are always so nice about what I write- apart from the odd troll. Movellas is like a big family. I don't remember a life without movellas and seriously it has changed me for the better. So thank you for supporting me. I feel slightly older now XD
    Some special shout-outs
    @[SilverShadows] The first person to ever comment on my crappy movella
    @[Nina :)] My first talky/ supporty person
    @[Mirlotta], @[Zoe Shadownight] & @[Aunt Midnight Rogue ☕️☩] My first role models on here
    @[Parsavagely] Though very recent, the few friends on Movellas who have put up with me for more than a week
    @[Mercury Chap] * *

    And all the 130 fans that I haven't the time to tag :)
    Movellas really is something special.
    And I will do something for you special people on Valentines Day <3
    Right now, I need to memorize something for a test (WHO GIVES A TEST ON THE LAST DAY OF TERM?).
    Wish me luck and excuse my terrible grammar- this was written generally quickly,
    Forever and always,
    Your 1 year old,

    “I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.”
    ― Groucho Marx
    1 weeks ago
    :) No problem.
    Nina :)
    5 days ago
    Hey, I only just saw this! Thanks for mentioning me :) I can't believe it's been a whole year since you've started!
    5 days ago
    :) Me too! And yeah. You were one of the first people I talked to.

  • SnowyWriter.
    2 months agoReply
    Hey! Not seen you for a while.
    How is it going?
    Nina :)
    1 months ago
    Hey, I only just saw this!
    Yeah, I'm good thanks. I haven't been on Movellas much recently because I've been so busy with school work and I just have barely any spare time now - A levels are so difficult! But I really want to make an effort to go on Movellas more now.
    How are you?
    1 months ago
    I'm good. Year 8 is boring :| On here a lot more than usual now.
    Nina :)
    1 months ago
    Ah right haha fair enough :) I miss being in year 8 xD

  • Ellie Inkwell
    4 months agoReply
    Hi! I just want say I'm trying out a writing game called 'One Liner' and I was wondering if you'd be interested in participating. Don't worry if you can't or whatever. It's hopefully going to be a monthly thing, so there's always next time if you can't do it this time. The rules are all here:
    One LinerOne Liner: the game that gets every writer writing. A random first line/sentence of a story is submitted, and then each participant goes away and writes...

    Ellie :)

  • Salamasunny
    7 months agoReply
    Just thought I'd let you know I'm hosting a Short-story/Poetry competition, where the winner will receive free books and feedback on all their movellas! Why not check it out?
    Short-Story/ Poetry Contest!Hello! As part of my college's IB Programme, I am required to conduct a project. I have decided to host a writing competition. The winners of this competi...
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