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I'm NightStar_12 (Monique) I'm not a total directioner but I'm still a fan. I love the boys and their music <3

  • NightStar_12
    Hi :)
    Name: To Be Happy
    Author: NightStar_12
    To Be HappyClarissa is a normal high school girl. Not unpopular and not popular. But when her best friend gets angry at her for a reason Clarissa doesn't even underst...

    Ideas: I am thinking about a pretty girl who looks upset and is looking over her shoulder to see the sunset behind her. I'd be really grateful if you could find a picture like that otherwise any picture of a sad pretty girl is fine.
    Tagline: What is it like to be HAPPY in a messed up world?
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    4 years ago
    I love them both thank you!! But now I don't know which which one to choose!!! xxx
    4 years ago
    I'm going to let my readers vote on which one they want because I really can't decide!!!
    4 years ago
    That's fine xxx
  • NightStar_12
    I really like this story :) Please keep updating! And I'm sorry I haven't updated yet, the whole chapter I'd written didn't save and got deleted :(
    Ellie was always told since the age of seven she will NEVER be wanted by a boy and now gunner walks into her life and well she's scared if she falls for him he'll walk away..
    4 years ago
    It's cool!
    i'm not gonna be able to update until sunday (Australian Time) because i'm on holidays tomorrow (Friday)
    so your gonna have to wait i'm sorry!
  • NightStar_12
    Name: Monique
    Looks: Tan, 5'1, brown eyes, brown hair, glasses
    Age: 17
    Personality: Quiet, funny once you get to know me, anger issues
    Extras: I live in Australia :)
    Harry's twin sister. // On Hold.
    Harry's twin siste...
    Life is normal until Lilly's un-wanted twin Harry Styles come home to Homles chaple from tour with the boys. All her life has changed her love life, her friendships and her family. What will happen when...
  • NightStar_12
    Can you please make a cover for my story: A Kiss Of Darkness?
    Are you able to put on a cute fairy with wings , the story title and my author name?
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    4 years ago
    That's the one I used :) it kinda went more with what the stories about! I'm always gonna get you to make my story covers now :)
     River_Summers ☕️
    Thanks! I love doing it, and the more covers you see, the more inspired you feel to do your own. It's so much fun! Especially 'coz people ALWAYS judge a book by it's cover. Even I do it.
    4 years ago
    That is so true!! I do it to! And you should really keep doing it because you're really good at creating covers :)
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