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My name is Jess ( Jess is short for Jessica ) and I am a small town girl that lives in a town called Basingstoke! Most people won't know about it! Oh and you see that button to the right of the screen that says 'become fan of author' yeah, you should really click it! You should also click on my movellas and click the button that says ' add to favorites' you should click that too!!!!!!1 Thanks and I hope you enjoy moi's books!!!!!! xxx These are my badges:

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Copy it if you want but you have to put that its mine! I own this chipmunk! Grrr

  • NightSky Jess. D
    UPDATE NOW OR I'LL STICK MY FEET IN YOUR FACE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (she's around my house)
    The Next Step...
    The Next Step...
    This is the Sequal to London Surprises!!! Sooo yeah... please read!"" anyway here is the blurb!!! Xxxxx Will Louis ever find Maddie? Will the two fans from the closet tell One Direction what they saw?...
  • NightSky Jess. D
    This book is amazing so far!!! I love it!!!!!!!! Keep going and updateng!!!
    Remember Yesterday
    Remember Yesterday
    Serenity is forced to face a death; a death of not her life, but her love. and in the midst of being lost, she is found by her dead loves best friend, but all she really wants is to have Eric back, to...
    2 years ago
    Thanks!(: I will!
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