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  • Jenn_Malik930
    yo I love you bro! thanks for putting me in this story! love you!! xxx
    Im in Love with One Direction: Book 1
    Im in Love with...
    Jenn and Bree are the new comers. 2 boys decide to help help them move the boxes in. But will they fall in love with the two or someone else? Both Bree and Jenn WARNING!: Bad words
  • Jenn_Malik930
    you need to update
    Over Again (A Zayn Malik Fan Fiction)
    Over Again (A Zayn...
    Hey. The names Jen and...my best friend is Zayn. Zayn Malik. Now I can imagine all of you are probably fan girling like "OMG! SHE KNOWS ZAYN JAWAAD MALIK! AHHHH *le faints*" I know for a fact that you...
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