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Hey there!
I really try my best to do everything in English, but I'm Dutch so it's really difficult... If there are any typo's or grammar mistakes, please comment and I will chance them!

Please reed my book, thank you! ��

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    You can only save one thing: your fridge or you bed. What would you take?
    Nicolas Lan || Q & A
    Nicolas Lan || Q...
    Nicolas. Following the movellas rating system, anything from G-Y rated questions will be answered.
  • SunshineHarreh
    Hey, I don't know I've you still need someone to be in you're story, but I've you have to, I would really like to be niall's gf��
    Hidden behide lies
    Hidden behide lies
    Louis and Harry are sneaking around with each other and then they run into a fan.. What happens when she founds out that Larry is real? That Eleanor is just a fake? Will she tell everyone? Or just keep...
    4 years ago
    I still do �� so just tell me what you look like
    4 years ago
    Blonde blue/grey eyes, like to play soccer, and love music. I like to sing, but I'm pretty bad... Sorry i didn't reply... I was on a vacation and I didn't saw....
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