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  • Nicole-Lisa Jenner
    more please this is great x
    A Love Triangle . . .
    A Love Triangle...
    Daliana is 17 years old, she comes a wealthy family. You might think she has everything, the perfect life, the perfect family, the perfect relationships with others. That's where you're wrong. She...
  • Nicole-Lisa Jenner

    mumbled "just me "

    if u dont know me dont judge me i am who i am because i love it and nothing in the world will chage me i am a sophmore at Hugh Christie along with my friends Erica bluewater(heather), Zoe Skinner, chole Howard , Emma, shortbread, zanis, jack , Blaine ,both maxs, Leo, Charlie and Nadia these people will come up in some of my work they all mean alot to me but mostly Erica because we have been through alot together i am who i am if u dont like it i dont mind.
    Erica Bluewater
    6 years ago
    lol Laura-Alice May Jones
    Max N-Max101
    Chloe-Ophelia <that's their Movella Names on here, you'll find them on my fan list
    AND BOOOOOOOOOOO down with Blaine xD AND u gave away my real name xD jks :P
    Erica Bluewater
    6 years ago
    OH and Clara-Maxlight she's on my fanlist too
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