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I'm a total fangirl. I belong to the Doctor Who, Sherlock, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Avatar, & Lord Of The Rings fandoms. I'm very blunt so if you ask me to read a story then I will tell you the honest truth and try to help make it better (if it needs it)

  • BabyBunny
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    Username: Babybunny

    I have no friends to tag on this site.

    My best friend had been beaten physically an emotionally by bullies, he stopped eating for a year and attempted suicide 7 times that I know of. That was the worst part of both of our lives and I never want anyone to go through what he did.
    Stop Bullying, Speak Up!!
    Stop Bullying, Spe...
    To get your name put on the petition, see details in the first chapter. Help stomp out bullying!!
    4 years ago
    Tell him to stay strong and you too. <3 <3 I'll add you right away <3 <3
  • BabyBunny
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    No she's not a zombie but her best friend is.
    Your story
    Your story
    Comment how you want the story to go make it as crazy as you want I will start you of remember its your story so put what ever you want in the comments
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