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  • Nicole Amelia
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    jurnee replyy to me i love you soo much and im going to keep telling you pleasee reach out to me i know you trust me and i know when you see this you will do it please jurne its nicoleee ur springbreaker <3 3473558810 kik buttah_ni28 common jurne its me u know im here
    I love you. You are my best friend. A true friend. I miss you and love you! Xx
  • Nicole Amelia
    jurne im gonna keep writing to you i know you're scared. dont be i know whats going on i know jay i know remember everything we have been through you know i love you so much and you're my bfff you know that i know that you trust me. i trust you too and ill never want anything to happen to you. j remember when you first meet me you were standing by the tv in the gym and i was by the table and we just looked at each other and laughed and started talking.. from that day we became bestfriends from that day i knew that our friendship was meant to be
  • Nicole Amelia
    Jurnee its nicole your bestfriend i know you're out there somewhere i want you to come back no one will be mad i wont be mad at you. you know ill never get mad at you i love you sooo much you're my bestfriend im here for you ur my bestest friend in the whole word if ur reading this and ur out there somewhere i wantt you to know im here so you need to come back text me call me reach out to me in any way ill always be here i need to know if ur out there that you're okay.
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