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Hello Everyone! I'm Brazil!
You might heard of me from Arthur.
Well he was hogging the account,
so I had to make my own! So I did~.

Name��: Nichole Lovette Vargas
Age��: /Secret~/
Gender��: Female
Country��: Brazil
Country Age��: 512
Little Bio: A abandon girl who now lives with England with love and care.

Random Facts:
• I'm part of the Allies.
• I have a lot of uncles.
• Some of them I have a crush on them.
• I use to be a slave of Russia.
• My Father killed my Mother.
• I got crazy when I eat sugar.
• ..... I'm a...v̸i̸r̸g̸i̸n̸...
• I hate tea.
• I have the ability to turn to a sheep or fox.
• I speak to animals and imaginary friend.

"Laughter, Loyalty, Trustworthy, Kindness, and Generosity is Magic"
-Twilight Sparkle

-Feliciano Vargas

-Regular Show


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