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My name is Niamh, I'm 12 and I LOVE to read and write. I also LOVE Warehouse 13!!!

  • Niamh McGrath
    The white stuff that very rarely falls.
    The stuff you get chucked at your face,
    Or put down your top.
    The stuff that makes you freeze as soon as you step outside.
    The stuff that settles so you can go sledging with friends.
    The stuff that causes you and all your friends to meet up and have a chat and a warm drink.
    The stuff that I love.
  • Niamh McGrath
    I. Love. This. From one Harry Potter fan to another, this is a brilliant piece of writing, and shows exactly what I felt like when I went to the studio tour! I loved seeing behind the scenes, I like seeing what happens behind the camera.
    2012 - Remember What You Will.
    2012 - Remember...
    This is my entry to the Reviewing 2012 competition. I reviewed something which is of an acquired taste but hopefully the article is enjoyable to read.
  • Niamh McGrath
    That's really good, I like it! I really like the ending too, it's really great!
    About me
    About me
    I wrote this for the poetry competition, if you have any questions about the meaning of something do ask.
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