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Hey! I write One Direction fanfiction! Please read it and comment if you have any suggestions!:)

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    mumbled "The Boy Down the Road"

    I've been very busy and I have had a hard time finding time to edit. Please be patient!:) I just added the next chapter, "Practice" I promise I will soon update! xx
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    Whats underneath
    Whats underneath
    Shannon is a regular girl who goes to college, Marcel is there college geek what happens when they go on a college summer trip to America and get paired up for the three weeks,Shannon finds out what Marcel...
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    mumbled ""The Boy Down the Road""

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    The first 2 chapters of "The Boy Down the Road" is now published please read it, I will keep publishing chapter by chapter.xx
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    mumbled "ATTENTION"

    I'm really sorry for anyone who was reading, "Falling Hard" but I've decided not to continue with it. I'm in the process of writing a new fanfic called "The Boy Down the Road". It's going to be a Niall fanfic. Do you guys think that I should publish each chapter, or wait in tell it's fully down? PLEASE COMMENT!
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