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  • NiallsNandosLover
    Please update soon! I need the next part soon before I die!!<3
    Truly Madly Deeply [ COMPLETE ]
    Truly Madly Deeply...
    Kimberly has been through alot in her life and just recently her parents died in a car accident so she has been living with her brother Harry. Harry got a best friend who goes by the name Louis. Louis...
  • NiallsNandosLover
    When's the next part haha this is cool x
    50 Shades of Jerry.
    50 Shades of Jerry...
    When going down 27 stairs will change your life, you will have to give up parts of you. Will Jaime and Justins secret last? Will THEY all know? What about brianna and Chaz? do they get stunned? What will...
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