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I luv One Direction so much! I might write so Story about them:) I luv music and drawing. I also luv Justin Bieber, so I might write story about him too. If u meet me I'm shy @first but then wen u get to know me better I can be crazy(Sometimes?) I'm 12 and My favorite color is neon green. 1D, JB, and music are my life.
So yea,

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    Happy birthday to the most amazing person ever ! ���� I love you so much babe . ��✊ thanks for so many smiles and memories that you leave us with every step you take . Thanks for letting us hear your beautiful voice . ��✌️✨ I need you & I can't live without you . You are my baby boy. ���� you're my definition of perfection and always manage to bring a smile on my face . ��✌️�� I'm extremely proud to call myself a directioner & a Harry girl, even though a lot of people can judge me for it because honestly I don't care . ���� You an the rest of One Direction have changed my life for the better and I will never regret falling in love with 5 singing idiots. ��❤️�� Can't believe you're 21. ��✊ I love you so much, more than you can't imagine. ���� You're an amazing person and we all love you so much, and we'll keep supporting you no matter what . Thanks for making our lives better. ☺️��
    �� YOU'RE MY SMILE ��

    "When I was little I'd knew that I like to entertaining people." - Harry Styles You're an amazing person, please never change . ����❤️ Baby you light up my world like nobody else . ⛅️������ Harry has truly changed my life, he has made me happy, sad, confident, and most of all accepting. Every single day I fall more in love with Harry. ☺️��✊�� he pours his heart and soul into anything and everything he does. Harry has a voice and a heart of an angel. ������ I couldn't be more happier in my entire life . ☺️���� I just want to see that simple smile everyday . ��❤️ that day I saw that cutest man that ever walked on earth, since that day he took a special place in my heart. ���� I love you more than myself curly boy. Happy birthday lovely dork . ����❤️✨ Forever in my heart . ❤️❤️
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    OMC!�� please update!
    The Popularity Project Book 1
    The Popularity Pro...
    ~Book 1 of 3~ One Direction is not famous. "I dare you to make Marissa McCann popular, and you've got to date her!" Angelica said, laughing. "I bet you can't do it." Angelica said, laughing again. "Oh...
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    Something happened. Sorry!�� it wouldn't let comment. It's says to update it, but the app or App Store won't let me. It's good to know that you are still in:) since the last chapter was about Niall kissing Jessica and she left. I was thinking that the chapter would be Niall explaining what happen. Then Niall asks her out. What you think? It's bad I know.
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    Hai!�� It's Niall's_Princess_105z. I don't think you remember, but we are writing a story together, and I was wondering if you still on it. Just asking. Please tell me, if you are or not. I really love to know. We haven't talk in awhile, so.. Please just tell if you are still in or not. Thanks!��
    Hate That I Love You
    Hate That I Love...
    "Ellie don't you dare try that on me or I'll-" I cut Zayn off from his furious rant. "You'll what Zayn? You can't hit me, can you?" And with that, I walked away. I'm Ellie Carter. Most popular girl...
    Sorry, about the comment on you account, I was stupid. So you like the idea?
    Okay�� well I'm writing a chapter now... So yea. Do you like what I put on the cover?�� just asking
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