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    Hi could I have one my names Tia I'm 14, I'm funny.crazy,sweet,I'm quiet and kind of shy at first but when u get to know me I'm outgoing in a way and care free/ nice I was hoping you could make me one with Niall ?��
    One direction imagines.
    One direction imag...
    This is my 1d imagines, you decide! drop me an email or comment with your name , age, little bit about you, and which 1d guy you prefer! i dont do dirty sorry but ill make them long, sweet and awesome:)) i...
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  • NiallRocks
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    Arielle-Romance black hair brown eyes I'm really nice sweet a singer love music with a passion and everyone I know says a really hilarious and cool to hang out with~Niall ~
    One Direction Images
    One Direction Imag...
    Just comment on what you want for the setting and which guy you want and if you want it dirty,clean,romantic,funny,ect... and also give a discription of yourself (hair color,eye color,what your like,if...
  • NiallRocks
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    This story is really great,yeah you should make a sequel your such a really good writer����
    My Bully
    My Bully
    Hi ! my name is lexi bryan. i might seem like a happy nice girl out side of school but the truth is i get bullied ALOT . and truth is one smile can hide so much of my horrible past. my parents are separated...
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