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    name: Bella
    define myself: I have long blonde hair always straight end bright blue eyes skinny popular tallish I'm very funny and I'm fun to be around I am also beautiful.
    I read your fan five because your an awesome righter and they have niall horan in them your very funny and talented!
    I want this part because I dont know how to right a fan fic soo ya and I love niall horan! I liked and faced and I'm a huge fan
    Happy valentines day!
    Compulsive {Niall Horan}
    Compulsive {Niall...
    He's Radiant. Incrimidtive. Brilliant. One of a kind. Not a Jerk. Different. Amazing.We can't be together. He's something I can't have. I'm a nobody. He's a somebody. He's popular. He's Compulsive.
  • NiallHorans#1fan
    My names Brianna :D
    Luck of the Irish
    Luck of the Irish
    Brianna Payne is unlucky. Her dad left them when she was two, her mum works three jobs, and her sister is schizophrenic. When tragedy strikes and she is forced to live with a cousin she's never met, Brianna...
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