I'm slightly Random and fun loving. I'm 16 years old and enjoy everything to do with 1D

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  • Niallersdirectioner

    hi guys

    Well I would just thought I would let you know how life is going well it's great to be honest... I SAW 1D live (for the 3RD time) and spoke to niall on the phone :0
    I kinda know josh Devine and Im friends with him and I spoke to him when I was with him and I cried Down the phone and he told me to stop crying as he is no one speical and then I said you're Niall Horan, your really speical and then he said I'm no one important , just a boy from Ireland
    Oh. My. God. Aw, that's so adorable of him, and seriously nice of you. I am so jealous though :D
    omg wait how do you 'kinda' know him!?!?!??!
    ✓Niall Horan
    I remeber that phone call! Nice to meet you again Niallersdirectioner :D
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