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"Gay people are born into and belong to every society in the world. They are all ages, all races, all faiths, they are doctors and teachers, farmers and bankers, soldiers and athletes and weather we know it or weather we acknowledge it, they are our family, our friends and our neighbours. Being gay is not a western invention, it’s a human reality."

- Hillary Clinton

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    @[Nialler's_Princess1477] hey, for Harry's b-day ya wanna spread for everyone to mumble #20yearsofHarry and change their profile pic to Harry? If so, please spread this around!
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    mumbled "My Favorite Movellas Authors "

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    These are some of my favorite authors that I will always love no matter what!
    @[Decaying Barbie Doll☕️] Even though she's only 11 she has the most wonderful ideas that I've heard everyone that knows her loves! I feel like sort of a big sister to her, just because I know that I will watch her grow up in this community. All her books amaze me, and I know will continue to amaze me throughout her writing career. Please go check out her writing, and I know you will love it!
    @[CorkyPorkyღ] This girl is literally amazing! I can't tell you how much I love her but I can tell you that reading her books will change your life! Already over hundreds of people love her, so don't feel left out! Go read her stories now!
    @[Nialler's_Princess1477] Nobody comes close (except the other people on this list) to this girl's writings! I have two of her books on my favorites list! Take it from me, she writes the best One Direction fan fictions ever!
    Finally, who doesn't love @[J.K. Panesar] her books have been on the most popular lists since I don't even remember but they really do earn it! Best writing I have seen! One of my friends told me about her books, so I looked at them, and wow. Wow. I was hooked!
    I guess I have to mention @[meganshortall] because she is my best friend forever! Eh, she's okay too!
    When I find anyone else that will be more amazing than these outstanding authors, I will let you know! And to all my fans, I love you too!
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    THANK YOU! I love your writing and you too! I want to steal it. Hehe. And I wouldn't say hundreds love me...but thank you! Makes me feel all sort of fuzzies! :D xo
    Kennedy Shadownight
    You're so welcome, and you deserve it! ��
    Kennedy Shadownight
    You're very welcome!
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