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Im just a girl who fangirls too pretty much.

  • swangingluke
    update pls
    Best Summer Ever
    Best Summer Ever
    School is finally over. But how will Dani, Kat, Lanna, and Kylie spend their summer? Well traveling to California is one, meeting guys is another. But what's the rest? ©Copyrighted 2014 LoveOfTheMusic ☁Ashton's...
    ☁Ashton's Cloud☁
    We're trying to! We'll probably have one up by tomorrow! Thanks for telling me to update tho :D
  • swangingluke
    love it
    Can I Take It?
    Can I Take It?
    Luke Hemming fanfiction. This is a story of Theresa, a girl, hated by most for no reason. But, is Luke the same as the others?
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