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    name:Laura,boy:Niall,Plot:best friends with the boys especially Niall,your bf is abusing u,boys dont know about,one day Niall comes over to the house and sees you on the floor curled up in a ball,he helps you recover then u both fall in love
    One Direction Imagines**Closed to Requests**
    One Direction Imag...
    This book is all about One direction Imagines if you want one please say your name where you want it and what you want to happen you can cute ones or romantic ones please say what boy you want as well...
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    I'm really not keen on doing one that involves domestic abuse, or having it in the book at all...sorry. Can you choose another plot, or just give us a category?
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    Name:Laura long brown hair,blue eyes,loves food,gets with Niall Story:your best friends with the boys,your in an abusive relationship the boys dont know about it,one day Niall comes to your house and finds out
    One Direction Imagines and Preferences
    One Direction Imag...
    Hi guys! please request your name, what you want to happen, dirty or not. thanks loves!!!
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