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  • niallerismyhusband
    Okay so I am a fan of you oil love your book called Cookies and Cream but what's up girllll (if your a boy sorry) you did not finish the book you just left me hook please finish the book of will just let me sleep at night knowing that the book is full and I can read it in the morning
    Thank you for you're time in reading my comment hope to see the full book and God bless you
  • niallerismyhusband
    Hey I love you book called save you and fight for you but I have been left hanging with out finding out what happens in the 3rd book may you please try to finish up the book
    J.K. Panesar
    2 years ago
    @[niallerismyhusband] Only You is my first book. Fight for you is the second and Save you is the third. Thank you for reading them! :) I will try and update the third book as soon as I can.
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