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You wanna know VAS' HAPPENIN'? I love CARROTS... I hate SPOONS... my favorite restaurant is NANDOS and I have 2 EYES!!! Not obvious yet? IMMA DIRECTIONER AND I KNOW IT!!!

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    Dark  [Niall Horan]
    Dark [Niall Horan...
    Maybe it's all a joke, a prank. No one would genuinely like me this much to keep trying--to keep chasing after me, day after day. No one would hurt me the way he does. No one would ever like me the...
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    ÜPDÅTĘ! :D
    His assistant
    His assistant
    This girl loves shopping. She was working as a model in Victoria's secret and she got fired and some shit. Then loses all her credit cards, so she needs to find a job. Their family is rich but this girl...
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    What about he finds your pile of 1D merch? :)
    One Direction Imagines & Preferences !
    One Direction Imag...
    Just a bunch of preferences ! imagination is key ! (: AND IS NOW DOING PERSONAL ! Comment your name and if you want dirty or clean , if you want clean then give me a storyline if you want dirty , then...
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    Dangerously In Love
    Dangerously In Lov...
    COMPLETED. Georgia Brink had a wild past. She lived a dangerous life. She wanted out. Moving to Bane was supposed to be a new change for her. That was until she met Niall Horan. She swore to herself that...
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    HEY MAH PEEPS! :D I've decided not to do a dirty scene... Yet. Big shoutout to Ashley for giving me a suggestion via twitter. You're AWESOME! Anyway, I won't be doing a dirty scene untill around the end of the story. Ashley and I figured out a way to make you guys who DON'T want the dirty scene aswell. SO LOOK OUT FOR IT! :D Btw, if you guys want to give any suggestions on this movella please do it via twitter dms. My twitter is me_is_hungry. In case you think that I'm doing this for followers, NO. I don't want the suggestions to be mixed up with some other comments that's all. SEE YOU SOON MAH PEEEEEPS! CHIAO!
    She moved to england with her dad and little brother when her parents got divorced. She went to school and bumps into a boy. Blue eyes, brown hair. Perfect. One Problem. He was popular and talented. She...
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