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So conceited Tori, So Conceited.. [Its a Reference] No I'm kidding but read below to find out about me :)

But I'm aBloody dull moron (Jk) who's witty & sarcastic. I'm honestly a nice guy. XD ;I Like Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Ice Coffee, Candy, Football (Soccer), Dogs and I really like Animals in general, Dylan O'Brien, I might have the Teensiest Crush on Cher Lloyd, and by Teensy I mean I stalk her >_>.. I'm kidding. Maybe not..

I specialize in Paranormal and Supernatural genres, I can write Teen Fic also.. (I Love when stories break the fourth wall and the character talks directly to the Reader)

-The Downtown Fiction
-Three Days Grace
-One Direction
-American Authors
-Phillip Phillips
-Bruno Mars
-Even Miley Cyrus
-And TOO many more..

Fan Of (Ent.)
-Cameron Leahy >_<
-Teen Wolf
-The Originals
-The Vampire Diaries
-Switched At Birth
-Can I say YouTube?
-The Walking Dead
-Being Human
-The Tommorow People
-Maddie Hasson,Avan Jogia and Kylie Bunbury and Ashton Moio
-Rick Riordan
-Marlene King
-I'm gonna stop cause I'm a fan of TOO many..

I am a Guyrectioner, I act behind Nialler and Dj Malik (Zayn)
And Harold Edward Milward Styles :)
Zarry Stylik is my Ship.

Don't be surprised if you see other stories often. Ideas spring out of me like a jack in the box..

Tumblr: (I'll Follow back) Oh Junk man it's Adventure Time

Twitter(I follow back ALWAYS): Tie_IsWinning

INBOX for Kik :)

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