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"We'll sleep when we're dead because half-way kind of sucks." - Victoria Justice. Hi. I'm Niall Ashfield. I'm 15 and as you can probably tell from my name, I am a nerd. I have an IQ of 146 and I contain twice as much fun as other nerds, but with half the calories! :0D Yeah, and I'm the kind of nerd that you're either gonna love or hate, depending on what kind of person you are. Anyway, before I start to ramble, I love reading, especially the CHERUB books and anything by Darren Shan or Anthony Horowitz. My main genre of writing is humour so if you want a laugh, read my movellas. I love watching telly aswell. I love Mock the Week, Would I Lie to You, all them panel shows. I love Victorious, iCarly. Should I be admitting all this? I love Mrs Browns Boys, Miranda, Catherine Tate Show, Family Guy, Simpsons. Anything funny basically. And last but not least, I love, love LOVE Doctor Who! And Silent Witness!!!!! I love music. I can't play any instrument though, unless you count the triangle :0D I like Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Victoria Justice, (Have most of her songs on my phone! Slightly embarrassing :0D) Of Monsters and Men, Ed Sheeran, Amy MacDonald, Paloma Faith, Marina and the Diamonds, Greenday, Fun. If you know me, you will probably know that I love putting noses in my smileys! :0) :0D I know it's stupid but I would love to be a comedian when I'm older. My favourite comedians are Michael McIntyre, Sarah Millican and Dara O Briain. I know that that probably won't work out so other than that I want to go into forensics or teaching. I'm not a brilliant writer but I would love it if you would read my movellas and leave a bit of advice. If you've read all of this, congratulations. You've just wasted 2 minutes of your life. :0D

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    I didn't get 5 likes but I'm bored so I'm doing it anyway xD

    1. Ashley

    2. :/ Well, this is a rude question xD ...18

    3. 333 (Ha, ha it's funny how that worked out xD)

    4. Chocolate

    5. Um, somewhere in the middle... Nay-yay xD

    6. Well, obviously we should stop using hair spray, and limit our car gasses and... stuff xD

    7. I dislike this question 'cause I can never make up my mind xD But probably Kiss My Butt by: @[Question] , @[Niall The Nerd] ,@[# 1 ANIME FREAK] , and @[Mstar_br]

    8. Oh god... I really don't wanna hurt anybody's feelings here! Either @[Amour Stylinson] or @[Real world_escape] ... Or maybe @[Beautifully Gabby] ... I can't choose xD

    9. On movellas they are @[Beanie<3Insanity] , @[Real world_escape] , @[Amour Stylinson] , @[Princess_Mellie] ,and @[jade_directionerforever] ... In real life they are @[Gabby3346] , Libby, Madison, Ally, Courtney, Jared, Blake, and Ryan... And Jordan xD

    10. Eat the rotten eggs!

    11. Oh, look you caught me at my best time! Sweat pants and a T-shirt...

    12. I texted 'Fine u butt, I don't like Raisin Bran anyway!' to my older sister xD

    13. Coke

    14. Black

    15. Um... Movellas, obviously!

    16. Lime Green

    17. Either The Walking Dead or The Voice

    18. The Hunger Games, Monsters Inc., The Avengers, Brother Bear, Scary Movie (1&2), and Grown Ups

    19. Ashley123-Movellas, Don't Stop 5 Seconds of Summer- Youtube, and my email which I will not be sharing :p

    20. My humongously, huge, dorm-cat Vince (Ha-ha, talked my dorm supervisor into letting me have a cat in my room... How awesome am I?)

    21. White-ish, yellow-ish... I believe they call that cream xD

    22. I don't know xD You tell me!

    23. Ebola! I'd like to keep my smooth skin, thank you very much...

    Okay, I don't know if you're allowed to do this but I'm doing it anyway! I hereby tag @[Real world_escape] , @[Amour Stylinson] , @[Beanie<3Insanity] , and @Princess_Mellie to do the Invade my life challenge... Have fun xD
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    I shall do it XD.
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    xD You better!
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    364: eh, no. And 371: oh my God I fucking love that movie!
    Just for laughs! Things that I relate to and I find funny! Enjoy... A lot of people are requesting quotes to put in. Here's the deal! I will put in your quote if: A) I like it, not sounding selfish or...
    Niall The Nerd
    1 years ago
    yes I do :0D Its hilarious
    Niall The Nerd
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    There's only one art teacher in my school and I swear to God, I think she's actually retarded :0D
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    I'm sorry, but I have to go off on a rant here. So if you don't like slightly irrational anger, or Taylor Swift, then I advise you to stop reading right now.
    So, anywhere I go, I hear: "Oh, did you ever notice that Taylor Swift only sings about relationships and breaking up with her boyfriends?"
    Yeah, I will admit, she does. But so does almost every other singer-songwriter on the market today. But you don't hear people constantly criticising them for doing it. The only reason that it immature, small-minded people criticise Taylor for her song-writing is because the media never gives her a moment of privacy and her relationships are always thrown into the spotlight!
    Taylor Swift has the right to sing whatever is in her heart and nobody should try and take that away from her! Taylor is famous because she is a really talented singer-songwriter and now everyone wants to punish her for it! Yeah, maybe you're not a fan of her or her music, but that's no reason to criticise her for it!
    Anyway, rant over. Sorry.....
    Niall The Nerd
    10 months ago
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    Yeah I remember ya. Sorry about that, I think writing was jst more of a hobby for me, and I think I'm sorta growing out of it. I still love reading though, and I love the Hunger Games, books and movies. Yeah, I dunno if I'll start going on this again, but if I do, you''l be the first to know :)
    Hopeless Wanderer
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    Awesome! It's alright, don't worry. I didn't think you respond that quickly! Wow :) It's more of an escape for me, so that's why I'm on so often. I like Hunger Games as well :) Have you seen Catching Fire? It was very good. Good :) Do you have an email of any sort?
    Hopeless Wanderer
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    ASHFIELD what's up duuuude
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