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Heyyy :D
Bianca here! ^^ *waves*
welcome to my account!
*everybody cheers*

I'm 13 and a very proud UMS Falcon :')

I dont know alot of people on here but im hoping to get to know all of u! thnks!

my fanfic with this whole goosebump thing was kinda stupid but some if u enjoyed the one sentence I put on there...so yea ill update as soon as i can! C YA! :D
*waves and bows*

oh wait......i forgot to mention....
*screams* I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!

  • NeverSayNeverBieber

    mumbled "Goosebumps"

    gonna write a fanfic :D
    6 years ago
    omg im so excited! hahah how you liking Movellas? I like it better than wattpad only cuz you can actually make a cover page for your story and I think it's more organized. But I still like wattpad. I'll be on that one more probably cuz you can chat with people and everything. Yeah, sorry imma talker......
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