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  • Nerd Hope24
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    is it x cubed or 3x for the problem.
    Tutor [m.c]
    Tutor [m.c]
    "So you're the school's best tutor?" Michael asks. "Yes. There's a reason I'm a good tutor too. Turn to page 69." I respond. He chuckles before doing told. "It's just a bunch of math questions." "Yes,...
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    2 years ago
    Nerd Hope24
    2 years ago
    Use the cubic formula, and you should compute the 3 solutions (since it is cubed). If you need more help check out desmos.com which will graph the function visually show you the intercepts which are equivalent to the solutions, or ask for more help. I also know the answers, if you need to check you work.
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