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I'm a little bit of a lazy bugger, funny (at least to my mates) and a little..... well REALLY quirky.

I love all types of music especially 'Lawson' and 'Cider Sky'.
And though technically I'm not meant to (apparently) I do love glee covers.
Actually I love glee. (At least to Season 4 ;-; RIP Old Glee)
Actually I think I love TV, I watch a bunch of stuff.
And actually, I should stop staying actually. ;)

Interests: Anime, manga, phiosophy, blogging, writing (duh) and playing hot potato with the various interests I can pick up

I live in good ol' England and am SO happy I found movellas! :D I haven't been using it as of recent, due to me working on my blogging, but I'm back and trying to make sure this account doesn't die!

I am best friends with a bi-sexual hippie. Her influence is evident on me.
My mum is a ghetto snob. Her influence is WAY too evident on me.
My dad is a man child.
And my brother might be a genius (but a really very annoying genius).

My motto is the early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.
Basically be keen, but not too keen. Life is one big game, whilst it may be intresting to be play it seriously, a game's no fun if too serious.

Make movellas! Not War!

Neonfun Out!


  • Neonfun
    5 years agoReply
    OMG this is like sooo good! I mean it could actually be a book, the way you write. And the descriptive parts are great, and .
    If I could get some advice from you that'd be great. 'The Yellow Hippo'
    Unfinished Beginnings
    Unfinished Beginni...
    A tale of Sasha The price for offending an older vampire is high-- Blood is paid for by blood. Being newly made destines Sasha for chaos when her ignorance offends an older vampire and provokes...
    5 years ago
    Well, firstly thanks for the approval rating. Means a lot to me as you are such a good writer! I was just wondering do you have any advice on how to create conversation. Im really bad at writing dialogue and i was wondering do u have any tips?
    5 years ago
    Could i email you. If not i posted my email on one of your mumbles
    5 years ago
    Ok, dialogue. I treat it like writing a script and they have spaces between each indivdual speech.
    Start with speech marks( " ) and end too.
    I.e. "Hi, i'm Pink_Th1ngCjS," i introduced myself to Neonfun.

    "Nice to meet you, I'm Neonfun." They said cheerfuly.

    Notice i had a space between each line of dialogue. Also at the end of dialogue you put full stops or commas or if a question a ? Or exclimation ! If exclaiming. But these go befor the end speech mark.

    I.e "Hi, neonfun. It's a beautiful day(,") or a full stop if that is the end.

    Hope this helps you if not email me and i'll try and explain more.

  • Neonfun

    mumbled "Readers!!!!"

    5 years agoReply
    Please can you read my movella The Yellow Hippo! I'd like to think it's a good romance, please comment on it. And I totally do the same for you, just comment and leave the name of the movella you'd like me to comment on.
    read my story 'One direction's dream'. I'll read yours tooo~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!
    5 years ago
    One direction, I am so sorry I haven't replied i have actually just been on a three week tour of europe and england and 3 whole weeks of family bonding with no wi fi :( so i haven't been on movellas i will totes read your movella if you haven't already forgotten me?
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    Readers (commenters)

    5 years agoReply
    Romance lovers, please read my romance called 'The Yellow Hippo' and comment on how to improve it! If you do so, then I can do the same for you! Please read!
    5 years ago
    Yeah i'll give it a go. Could you please read & comment on mine its called unfinishedbeginnings.

    Unfinished BeginningsA tale of Sasha The price for offending an older vampire is high-- Blood is paid for by blood. Being newly made destines Sasha for chaos when her...
  • Neonfun
    5 years agoReply
    it has an interesting plot line, and has potential but some of the grammar is messed up. But at the moment it sounds great! maybe let the readers see more of of Josh and Kelsey's chemistry ? just an idea
    Josh is hopelessly in love with his best friends sister. He's known it for all his life. Matt Knight, his best friend, has no clue his little sister is the girl that has his best friend all tied up. Kelsey...
    5 years ago
    Great! I'll try to remember this when I update. I was really sick then got busy so I couldnt update lately, but I will. Thanks!
  • Neonfun

    mumbled "Romance lover"

    5 years agoReply
    Anyone online and reading this? A romance love then come and read my recent movella 'The Yellow Hippo', please give me feedback and I'll do the same for you pretty please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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