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    It's wonderful that there is a group which watches out for bullies in school. It's a great help for children who were bullied at school, especially to parents who don't have time to protect their children from this particular problem. This Man-up Against Bullying campaign is one of the perfect solutions on the extinction of bullying acts in schools in which students help other students to be bullied in their stay in school. As parents, we must also take part in the protection of our children we must always monitor what they are up to or where they are in trouble, we should help our children to eliminate bullying to and help them over come it. This site will help parents who are unable to balance their time for monitoring their children; it's a safety app that helps monitor their children and keep them in touch when they are in harm, I've been using it for months now, just check this link out:!/page_about, this will parents a lot.
    My Bully
    My Bully
    "Please stop daddy!" Tears were rushing down my face and soon I felt a slam against my face, I was on the floor. I felt a kick to my head and then I felt nothing. Your going to live with the Styles for...
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