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  • NathanNic
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    Hi this is swapit user: NathanNic and I am in for 5,000 swapits and y story is called:

    A gasp of air

    It had happened to me before to me before but this time I knew I had got it bad. Usually, my creative block lasts up to the next whisky bottle but this time it was different .I was blunted. Blunted by the commercialism of the materialistic life that I had got so accustomed into living. The answer to this could not be found in any intoxicant. I would have to destroy what I had built. Take it to the beginning. And I knew that was not possible. Not a chance. I had a book that was already three week s beyond its publishing date. The publishers had been calling frantically knew it but I had stopped answering phone calls since ages. Weeks past and I had given up hope. Soon it would be out. "Oh! He has lost it". "It was just a passing fad" ""Oh! He was never talented. Just a small creative spurt". After what felt like an eternity the doorbell rang. I Open the door and a gasp of breath runs down the side of my face. It felt evil and was suprisingly warm. Then he took me by the feet and tied me up and then I lost all feeling

    I wake up in this place and the guy was there who abducted me. He then says "it's time to die my son". " Dad"! It was too late I lay there with blood running down the side of my face.

    My life is over

    By NathanNic

    swapit username is also Nathan Nic
    Jordan Philips
    5 years ago
    Hi! Thanks for entering the competition! I wanted to let you know that this entry hasn't counted. To enter, you have to upload a new movella ( and then click the green button in the corner of this page that says Join This Competition. Good luck!
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