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She's a twenty-something writer of stories and mere mortal who saves planets and fights baddies. She's amazingly talented at playing the triangle, I mean the way she just hits all of the right notes – it just gets to you, y'know? If you've read any of her work then she would also like to thank you for giving her work a chance and she would greatly appreciate it if you could leave a comment, rate her work, like, share, fave and become a fan. Happy reading! :)

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    Took this off for a while and now I'm putting it back up again just so people can read it! :)
    The Movellas Interview Diary
    The Movellas Inter...
    I took this off and I'm putting it back up again (Nov, 2015). Enjoy! - Here you will find interviews with some of the most talented on Movellas. They will tell you about their likes, dislikes, favourite...
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    I've just read the blurb and it's definitely captured my interest! :). I can't wait to start reading this - definitely my type of story :).
    Hunter of the supernatural
    Hunter of the supe...
    Helena is a supernatural bounty hunter with the ability to transform into the prey she hunting. Her current task is to catch and return three demons to their realm. This will not be easy as the three...
    4 years ago
    Oh and do you want me to make you a cover for this?
    Skylar Black
    4 years ago
    Thank you and I would loved that :D
    4 years ago
    You're welcome and I'm just going to post it on my wall, have a look and tell me what you think :).
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    mumbled "Check these anti-bullying pages out please! "

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    I'm promoting these on behalf of Littlemisswondererr because I believe it's a brilliant way of help those who have been or are victims of bullying.

    Follow: https://twitter.com/CeaseBullying_
    Like: facebook.com/CeaseBullyingNowCBN

    This is a page for people that are being bullied or have been bullied to get help and not just help but support and a real friend to talk to when you can't tell family or friends.
    4 years ago
    Aww, bless you. Well, if you ever want to talk then just email the CeaseBullying team or you can talk to me too. I was bullied as well so I know how you feel :).
    4 years ago
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    Dudette you can't leave! But then again, I understand where you're coming from. But stay in touch - maybe make a twitter? I'm tweeting a lot nowadays. It's a weird place. Lol. But yeah, you're an amazing writer and hopefully you'll send some of your work to a literary agent or publisher of some kind because it would be a crime if others never got to read your awesome work, seriously! Good luck with whatever you decide to do and pursue :) *hugs* (you're probably not a hugging typa person but oh well :/).
    Friends Never Say Goodbye
    Friends Never Say...
    Just... read it.
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