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Hello, hello, hello!
My name is Narwhalisation! Yeah, it's kind of weird, but my favourite (yes I'm British, go England!) animal is the narwhal as it is amazing! My books are, ok I guess, but I do try my best to improve.

I like fantasy/adventure/mystery pretty much any type of book that includes tension and something made up, like aliens and such.

Enjoy reading! (Once I actually come on here often)

/(O_O)/ |(O_O)| \(O_O)\

Kirby Dance!

  • Narwhalisation
    Very good, intense and draws the reader in on the first chapter. Repitition also emphasises the text to make it more interesting. Detail is fantastic, good job on extending parts of the story to make it seem longer yet more interesting. Only a couple things to work on, punctuation and grammar. Just recheck the sentences and add or remove any punctuation or structure that doesn't make sense. Other than that, brilliant.

    Stay Frosty.
    Alley Runners
    Alley Runners
    Alley Runners is about a wooden box. And if you go in this box, it takes you to a whole different time, where you face all the disasters in that time period. It also traps you in your worst fears, and...
    The Chaotic Lemur
    Thank you so much i appreciate it
  • Narwhalisation

    mumbled "Ima back!"

    After a long time I'm back! I think I'm going to stop with Fantasy Born group tho, sorry groupmates...
    And I'm going to stop all the books i've made so far. Sorry in advance.
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